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Brand: Sutliffe Tobacco Company
Blender: Altadis
Tin Description: It is perhaps ironic that a blend named Great Outdoors should be appreciated for its room note. This outstanding aromatic is a mixture of Burley, Vanilla, and flavored Black Cavendish. Perfect for fans of Field and Stream.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Burley, Black Cavendish
Flavoring: Vanilla
Cut: Coarse Cut
Packaging: 1.5 or 8 ounce tin

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# 27/1/2015 User rated 3/5
Review by taloche

Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors by the Sutliff Tobacco Company. Though this was not my favorite

blend of tobacco at first, but smoking through a tin it quickly began to grow on me.

The tin note to me was Licorice, Anise, and a  Birch Beer soda.

At first the flavor was a bit much in the mouth, but soon recedes as you reach mid-point

of the bowl.

To me this is a true aromatic, because of  the Birch Beer topping that is present

all through the smoke, with no sign of the leaf varietal base flavors. I can not comment on the Room Note, but the side stream smoke

is pleasant. Not goopy like some sweet candied flavored tobacco, but dry and ready to smoke

right out of the tin. I either suspect that this blend mellows after a few days opened or

I got acclimated to the flavor. Whatever the case, I enjoy it.

Overall, I grew to like this particular blend from Sutliff. The price point they set and the quality

of the blend was spot on. I think if you grew up eating those old-fashioned

candies such as Black licorice, Anisette rock candies, or even enjoy a slight bitter sweet

Birch Beer you will enjoy this blend. Might I mention that never once did I receive a hot smoke or tongue bite from Great Outdoors.

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Flavor -  rated 3/5
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Room Note -  rated 3/5
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