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Brand: Sterling Tobacco Co
Blender: Jack Peterson
Tin Description: (Light English) A naturally aromatic Virginia and Burley mixture with just a touch of Latakia gives you the taste of Latakia without Latakia aroma.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Burley, Virginia, Latakia
Cut: Coarse Cut
Packaging: Pouch

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# 21/4/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by Schmitz Bitz

A friendly "Mild English" (aka - aromatic w/ latakia)

So, I hate the term mild English...I prefer to think of this as an aromatic tobacco which contains a small touch of Latakia...and I mean small.

The tobacco is presented as a ready-rubbed mixture of deep brown burleys (ribbon cut); light brown burleys (cube-cut), and bright Virginias with just a touch of coarse cut Latakia in the mix.
Packing is a breeze, although like most blends, some time outside of the pouch is required before its good to go. Takes a flame beautifully on both charring and true lights.

From the initial charring light through the bottom of the bowl, this blend doesn't much change its flavour profile, but rather remains straight-forwards and somewhat mono-chromatic...which isn't always a bad thing. The aromatic burleys offer up a nice shot of the characteristic Sterling tobacco nutty vanilla, maple and dried fruit flavour, however, the Virginas add a wonderful citrusy sweetness which compliments the burleys wonderfully. Every so often, Latakia will interject itself into the mix with just a subtle hint of campfire and camphor, but never coming to the forefront of the mix, but rather hiding on the back of the palette, leaving one wanting more (ok, maybe it just leaves me wanting more - I love Lat though...).

Despite being classified as a "Mild English", the room note on this tobacco is extremely pleasant, with aromas of nuts, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, maple and raisins mingling amongst the blue wisps, interjected with the occasional hint of campfire and peat.

The nicotine level in this tobacco is bordering on non-existant, although I realize for many thats a big plus. The tobacco is extremely well behaved, and smokes very light and cool - a light it and forget it tobacco.

Well I find my needs for nicotine and my taste for Latakia don't get satisfied with this blend, I would recommend it to anyone looking to make the jump from aromatics to Lat. blends, or to those who are looking for a Lat. blend they can smoke without sending their neighbours running.

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