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Flavor  rated 3/5   Recommend It?  rated 2/5   Room Note  rated 3/5   Tin Aroma  rated 3/5  
Brand: Solani
Blender: R.L. Will
Tin Description: This is a blend of Coarse Cut Sweet Red Virginia, Bright Broad Cut Virginia, Broken Viginia Flake and Sweet Black Cavandish. Two toppings are used, Balck Currants treated with Bacardi and Coco Cream, resulting in a wonderful tin and room aroma.
Country of Origin: DE
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Black Cavendish, Virginia
Cut: Coarse Cut
Packaging: 50g Tin, 100g Tin

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# 18/1/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by classicgeek

Buckle your seatbelt

First off, if you don't like aromatics, then disregard my rating. This tobacco is a blast of flavour, both from the topping/casing and the underlying tobaccos. It is practically impossible to smoke this without paying attention to it. Not an all-day smoke. I think you might fry the taste neurons in your brain if you tried.

The tin note will knock you on your back and make you wonder what you're in for. The tobaccos themselves are a mix of cuts from ribbon, large leafs to cube. A mix of shades from dark, dark brown to light tan. No moisture problem. Can smoke it right away.  With a blend like this, either dedicate a pipe or just accept that your other blends will fight with the ghosts from XSM.

The flavour is strong, but also varied. Different flavours come and go as the different tobaccos start smouldering in the bowl. The wife loves the room note/moustache note, but this isn't an aro which scents the room but leaves you wondering if you're just sucking hot air. No goop in the bowl that I've ever found. Burn rate is about medium.

Black currant is one of my favourite flavours, and I picked this up specifically to find that. I also have PS Black Currant Cavendish on hand. I actually find it's easier to gain perspective on XSM when I compare it to the BCC. XSM is stronger, and seems to have a greater variety of tobacco flavour. BCC is more monochromatic. Maybe it's the difference between an American and a German tobacco, I don't know. XSM is a treat when I want it, which isn't every day.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 4/5
Room Note -  rated 5/5
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# 10/4/2011 User rated 3/5
Review by mtv

Sweet Aromatic

I received this tin along with several other Solani products from a salesman. I found the tin aroma heavy with fruit and liqueur. Lights easily and burns cool and clean. Required only a relight or two to reach the bottom of the bowl with a little drying time. This is a very sweet blend with a great fragrance filling the room. I found berries and rum dominating the whole bowl.  Great for dessert after a heavy meal. I found it too sweet for my tastes and had a hard time finding the tobacco flavor due to the overwhelming casings. I sampled three bowls full and passed it to a friend.  I recommend this if you're a lover of very heavy aromatics.   

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 3/5
Recommend It? -  rated 2/5
Room Note -  rated 4/5
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# 1/2/2011 User rated 0/5
Review by otis56

as good

could very well be about as good as it gets for aromatics. salani x sweet mystery is very much what the name implies.  it has an amazing smell in the looks like a truly exotic mix of fine tobacco.. and the smell from the tin will drive one to want to fill his pipe as quick as they can and start puffing away and loosing yourself in the calm of this fine smoke......soooooooo glad i found this tobacco at my fav. tobacco store.
enjoy my freinds.......i doubt you will be dissapointed.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 0/5
Flavor -  rated 0/5
Recommend It? -  rated 0/5
Room Note -  rated 0/5
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