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Brand: Sillem's
Tin Description: Selected matured Virginias aged for a long period under pressure. This blend offers a subtle aroma of honey and orange
Country of Origin: Germany
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia
Cut: Flake
Packaging: 50g Tin

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# 8/8/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by Cortezattic

Mayor 1814 -- sweet and tasty Va. flake

Sillem’s Mayor 1814 is a golden Va. flake tobacco at or near the top of the class populated by the likes of Dan, Dunhill, F&T, Orlik, Solani, 4th Generation, and – to the extent that it is flavored without being the least bit like an OTC aromatic – Peterson University Flake. Two stacks of neatly manicured flakes greet the nose with a bouquet typical of fermented, grassy Virginias; but Mayor 1814 smells a bit sweeter and more raisin-like than most, and that translates faithfully into the smoke stream as well. There is the merest suggestion of pungency in the background, but it’s more of an impression than a sensation.

Mayor 1814 is outstanding for the clarity and brilliance of its flavors – a truly harmonious mix that is softly grassy, but not particularly sharp; wine-like, if slightly citrus; and as sweet as honey. Remarkably, the flavor matrix holds together from start to finish, with perhaps only a slight deepening of the sweetness – which I consider a definite plus. It delivers a medium-full Va. flavor with great body, good volume, and medium strength, making it a smooth smoke with a luxurious, full mouth feel.

It smokes coolly, dryly, and bite free whether folded and stuffed, or rubbed out – which I prefer. Nicotine level is medium; and there are no rough edges, which makes it ideal for breath-sipping, and a joy to channel from mouth to nose and back. In short, there is very little to criticize here: it lights and burns well, whether folded or rubbed; it performs nicely in both wide and narrow tobacco chambers – deep or shallow; and it always smokes to the very bottom of the bowl, where an amazingly small amount of ash is scant evidence of the 45 minute ecstasy that produced it.

This is a very tasty and well behaved Va. flake at a best buy price – which is unusual for a tinned tobacco of this caliber.

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