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Brand: Just For Him
Blender: Bob Schafer
Tin Description: This is the fourth blend in the Middle Earth Pipeweed Series! Rich, dark Latakia is blended with mushrooms straight from Farmer Maggot's field to produce a truly unique smooth, creamy, earthy smoke with a hint of sweetness.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Fire & Air Cured
Contents: Black Cavendish, Latakia
Flavoring: Shitake Mushrooms (Just kidding. There aren't really any mushroom in this.)
Cut: Coarse Cut
Packaging: Bulk

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# 10/7/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by pstlpkr

Shortcut To Greatness

I ordered the Middle-Earth Pipeweed Sampler from Just for Him and it is from this sample pack that I will make my reviews of each of the five blends. I have also decided to smoke each sample all the way through, without smoking anything else in between. The samples, while large enough to decide if one should purchase more, are a bit on the smallish side. I must admit to being somewhat disappointed.

The pouch note of Shortcut To Mushrooms is quite an adventure. It is smoky and lightly sweet. The smoky aroma is just what you would expect from a good perfectly aged Latakia. The sweetness in just the right balance is from the Black Cavendish.  It definitely has a creamy quality that makes one feel as though you can take a bite out of the smoke.  I must point out that I associate the word "earthy" to blends that contain Perique. This is an "earthy" smoke, but has no Perique. It almost (IMHO) qualifies as a Balkan, but not as strong, however; just as rich, smooth, and cool. The Nicotine content seems high enough to provide for a very satisfying smoke.

As mentioned in my Treebeard review; I'm smoking Shortcut to Mushrooms in my TRG White Ringed Volcano, as well. I am impressed with the Black Cavendish and Latakia concept.  It is unusual to find only these two types of tobacco in a blend. However; the blender Bob Schafer pulls it off beautifully in this most impressive blend. While each puff is smoky, rich, and creamy it is also at one and the same time smooth, cool, and earthy.

The Char Light was all it took to get a good solid light. The War Department has not complained about the Latakia. So; the room note has to be at least tolerable.

It seems that even the small size of the bowl in my pipe is adequate for a 45 minute smoke of this wonderful blend. Frequently blends are described as leaving only white ash. That assertion is valid when made of Shortcut To Mushrooms.  I have finished my second bowl and neither time was there so much as a single piece of unburned tobacco left in the bowl. Incredible! Of the two bowls only once did I have to relight, and that was due to a distraction from one of my kids.

As mentioned in my review of the Treebeard blend; I had intended to smoke the entire sample prior to writing a review of a Middle Earth Pipeweed Series sample. But, having just finished my second bowl of Shortcut to Mushrooms, I am so excited and satisfied with the smoke, that I feel compelled to express my opinion. I still have about half of this sample remaining. These characteristics when combined with its price per pound, represents a very good value and a will be an excellent "go to" smoke for those who prefer English blends, and great must-have cellaring blend for those of us who prefer Aromatics but enjoy an occasional English smoke.

I've heard that the Middle Earth Pipeweed Series is comprised of cross-over blends, maybe so, maybe not.  Shortcut To Mushrooms is exactly what, in my book, an English blend should be.

I highly recommend this to everyone, Aromatic smokers and those who prefer English blends as well. Four and five stars all around. I will definitely add a pound to my cellar.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
Room Note -  rated 4/5
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# 13/6/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by lankfordjl

A perfect mild aromatic

When I opened the 3 oz bag that I had received in the mail - the smell was intoxicating - it brought back childhood memories of our long gone local ol' Pipe and Cigar Shop - a light sweet vanilla and smoky spicy scent.  I like strong tobaccos (i.e. English blends) containing Perique and Latakia most of the time, but on occasion I enjoy an aromatic.  I'm always looking for a mild aromatic - one that doesn't make me feel as if I'm smoking wildly flavored snow cone syrup.  This is a perfect mild aromatic!  I smoked it in my Gentleman MM (which I usually use for aromatics).  It burned extremely extremely cool - the pipe was just barely warm.  Everytime I took smoke into my mouth, the tip of my tongue tingled with a mild sweetness - almost like I had dipped my finger in sugar and then touched the tip of my tongue.  This mild sweetness was blended perfectly into the smoky spicy flavor of the tobacco.  This blend smoked easy, smooth, and pleasant...I could image myself smoking this all day...while reading, working in the shop, or nodding off on the back porch.  I think this would be a great blend for first-time pipe smokers as well.  Definitely recommened.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
Room Note -  rated 4/5
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