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Brand: Samuel Gawith
Blender: Samuel Gawith
Tin Description: This 200 year old blend is comprised of hand-stripped flue-cured Zimbabwe leaf, steamed to a Golden color then stoved into a unique melange of flavors. Made in England.
Country of Origin: UK
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Virginia
Flavoring: Fruit / Citrus
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 50g Tin
Blend Notes: The aroma is of "Lemon Grass"

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# 1/2/2011 User rated 0/5
Review by pstlpkr

There's Reason It's Been Around for 200 Years

Samuel Gawith Grousemooor's pouch note has a pungent-sweet floral scent with a hint of citrus, and a distinctly earthy/peaty aroma all of which comes through clearly when smoked.  This is one blend that tastes like it smells.  It will delicately ghost a pipe.  So dedicating a pipe may be in order.  A freshly opened tin is quite moist and requires a good bit of drying.  I found that I prefer it leaning toward the dry side. 

It is a ribbon cut but a bit more substantial than is usual but not what I would describe as being wide or course, exactly.  Samuel Gawith Grousemooor is a bit inconsistent in texture and needs a little preparation before packing.  There are some veins in blend that must be dealt with.  But those veins may contribute to its unique flavor qualities.  It appears to be a mixture of light brown and bright yellow tobaccos.  The nicotine content is not too high but enough to provide a satisfying smoke.  The casing recipe for Samuel Gawith Grousemooor is perfection; allowing the marvelous flavors to come through without getting in their way. 
The flavors imparted from char light and the true are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the bowl.  There is a definite floral taste and a citrus component with a soapy-earthy quality that isn't unpleasant in the least and quite unique to this blend.  The pace at which you smoke it is important however.  If you smoke it too fast or aggressively this blend will bite you.  It will get hot but the flavors still come through.  But, if you pace yourself the flavor becomes very bright and quite pleasant.  It may seem counterintuitive, but there is virtually no room note.

I do not own a clay pipe.  I can see how this blend would lend itself to being smoked in one and why it has survived for 200 years as a blend.  It packs well and burns beautifully all the way to the bottom and it doesn't leave any residue in the stem.  Pristine pipe cleaners after each bowl attest to that.

This blend has been described (by others) in widely varied terms.  Almost to a man they say; there is something about this blend they could not put their collective fingers on.  Some hate it.  Some love it.  All respect it.  There doesn't seem to be any middle ground here.  However; there is one notable consistency especially with those that prefer English/Balkan blends.  They seem to have had a difficult time returning to their usual smokes.  Some have virtually given up smoking their "go to" blends in favor of Samuel Gawith Grousemooor.  Maybe that explains some of the availability issues I have noticed and why it is a blend that has been around for 200 years.

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