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Brand: Reiner
Blender: R. L. Will
Tin Description: A very special blend of golden Virginias, a little white Burley, and a touch of Perique to make things interesting. Pressed into long flakes, sliced, then rolled in the tin in long strips.
Country of Origin: DE
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Burley, Virginia, Perique
Cut: Flake
Packaging: 100g Tin

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# 12/2/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by coalsmoke

Reiner Long Golden Flake

I bought a tin of LGF after reading reviews with a variety of impressions and as part of my search for a flake tobacco that suits my tastes. The manufacturer describes it as 'A very special blend of Golden Virginias, a little White Burley, and a touch of Perique to make things interesting'. Pressed into long flakes, sliced, then rolled in the tin in long strips.' The tin is a 100g 'paint can' with a pry-off metal lid and a plastic snap-on lid to use after opening. The flake is a long coil about 3/4" wide and is packed at just the right moisture level so as to be ready to smoke without the need for any drying. The tin aroma struck me as being that of cocoa, but does not become part of the smoking flavor. It can be packed easily as broken flake or rubbed out. I tried both methods, but prefer to rub out a small amount to line the bottom of the bowl to avoid an air space at the heel and then packed in broken flakes. Upon lighting the smoke is smooth and light. This is a one-match tobacco when packed well owing to the moisture level. I think that all tobaccos have an optimal combustion zone and LVF is no exception. The burley is not a primary actor on the stage, but does help with the even burning to almost no ash. The Perique is added as an added flavor component and this is where the right combustion zone comes in to play. When smoked slowly, LVF remains tame, light, cool, and consistent with the Perique in the background. If pushed a bit with a slightly hotter burn, the Perique comes forward. If burned too hot, the Va. will become harsh and the Perique much more noticeable with the blend losing its balance. This is an excellent flake blend for sipping at just the preferred pace for the smoker.

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Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
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# 24/3/2014 User rated 5/5
Review by The German

Excellent stuff

I got a tinful of this from a place that has it under a different label as a store brand (and I had to almost torture the owner into, er, owning up as to which particular blend was in the tin). That said, I am impressed.

The tin aroma is exactly what I expect of a really good VA/Per, with a little bit of extra goodness (the Burley, no doubt). A good, grassy VA with the edge and depth of Perique, and as noted an extra dimension in there, just below the threshold of being obvious.

The impressively long strand of flake is perfect to smoke from the fresh tin: simply tear off enough for a bowlful, fold and twist, and lighting is amazingly easy for a flake. From the beginning, I get the VA and some Perique; there is an Orange sauce on there, and something else I can't quite lay my finger on. Whatever it is, it's good.

The 'baccy burns down easily, uncomplicatedly, developing more depth in its flavour as the bowl develops. The Perique becomes more prominent as I smoke along, and the Burley makes itself felt during the second half. The room note is pretty much what I expect of a good VA/Per.

For a fold/twist flake, this blend's burn is purely excellent; I have nothing but some ahses with no dottle left over without having to relight

For me, this blend is right up there with the likes of Sam Gawith's FVF and Golden Glow, while being less pricey and actually better smoking qualities.

I'd recommend a peaty Highland or Islay Single Malt with this, or a good, hoppy ale.

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Flavor -  rated 5/5
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
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# 1/4/2011 User rated 0/5
Review by celticpipe


There is a "perfect tobacco? a question that is difficult if not impossible to answer, since each evaluation is always subjective and directly proportional to the tastes on what is known as "non est disputandum", but, and I do not want the player, on the wings of 'enthusiasm for this work RLWill, I am willing to accept the risk of being accused of presumption in the judgments, and with strong conviction I have no theme to say that this "long golden flake" is as close as possible to the concept of "perfect tobacco ".
The personality of this blend is great, excellent quality raw materials that compose it, its boundless subtlety and elegance.
To say nothing of its architecture, there is multifaceted and changing depending on the ways of the situations and moods with which he approaches the smoke, the tobacco can in fact be a wonderful and filling "tuttogiorno" if we do not have much time to devote, as an excellent blend of "meditation" if we are able to support it deserves. In other words a complete blend, to which even the most demanding and experienced smoker would have to ask for anything more than it already does not offer. A mixture of complex and intriguing, full bodied and smooth, always, buttery and sweet and at the same time a "simple" disarming ergo, everything is played, in addition of course to the great quality of raw materials, skilled in the dimensions and proportions of the work of " blender "RLWill, who created this masterpiece for Reiner, the same teacher who also wrote the excellent" Silver Flake "mixture or the famous Solan No. 633, probably one of the best Virginia-Perique the world if not the best In my humble opinion, at least for our time. And after this duty "paean" I come finally to the so-called technique: the blend is composed of a base of golden Virginia - White burley - and a touch of masterly Perique, and no more, no detectable additivanti at least, no aromas of any kind other than as a tobacco that smells of tobacco ... ..
The Virginia are golden, I said, and of excellent quality, sweet, creamy and never in any way harsh, both in the first third of smoke where they are dominant, and in the end that spins off smoothly with no surprises, as is the case for many other tobacco such that its final harshness
he main "Heel" Achilles. The flavors detectable range all the characteristics of this noble tobacco
from mature wheat bread freshly baked by the sweetness of dried figs, fresh orange and citrus notes, but mind you, all perfectly distinguishable and separate from each other, to compose a truly unique melange of flavors, with continuous "flows and ebb "of character, always extraordinary thickness. Proceeding with the smoke we encounter an unexpected fullness and body, a white burley amazing taste and smoothness is manifested in the blend, making the smoke more and more delicious, creamy, filling and intense, at times taking possession of it, to return it again with a 'unexpected' nuttyness "to" butter "while the solid Virginia. But this "Long Golden Flake" has not yet been completed to delight the lucky smoker, because the Perique, still slightly and quietly in the background until mid-cooker, is now available in more conviction to make spicy, extra spicy and wonderful complexity, and also in Here is a Perique with excellent quality, rarely seen except in some older mixture of which he was leading, and which now, unfortunately, has almost lost his memory, for example, speak of the famous "escudo" by the "Cope Brothers "and then manufactured by Gallaher. I think lucky few who remember "that" Perique, they find the soul in this tobacco.
Finally I could talk about perfect level of moisture, which makes the best combustion smoke easy, which is not bad at all, is especially beautiful and inviting that spans all the colors of autumn, a crisp and fresh smoke, warm and enveloping, with a maturity that only a very good "burley" can offer. The flake is a whole long "ribbon" of about two fingers wrapped in spirals of high concentration is particularly unusual and inviting. In short, a blend of "state of the art"


p.s. sorry for my not perfect english

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