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Brand: Peter Stokkebye
Tin Description: Very mature Old Belt flue-cured Virginia's spiced with Louisiana Perique.
Country of Origin: Denmark
Contents: Virginia, Perique
Cut: Flake
Packaging: BUlk

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# 10/12/2011 User rated 3/5
Review by brewshooter

A Fine Flake

Honestly, I've had a bit of a sinus thing the last few days and may not be getting everything there is out of this one:

Tin Aroma and Appearance – Dark brown mottled flake. The aroma is of a raisin or maybe even a little prune like, but no overpowering.

Pack and Smoke – I broke off about a flake and a half and smoked it in a medium bowled pipes. I rubbed out the flake and loaded it using the spiral/vacuum method, check out the James Fox videos on Youtube if you don't know what I'm talking about. It burned fairly well, without too many relights.

Flavor – A bit nondescript initially, not bad not great. It has a deeper/richer flavor than my preferred Orlik Golden Sliced, maybe like hints of molasses or caramel even, but very subtle at best. Maybe even a toasted bread like note, but again, very subtle. Some flavors developed which were similar to the melanoidins that develop in a decocted beer. I don't get any grassy or hay notes from my sample, which suits my preference. I'm looking for a raisin note, that fits the smell, but I'm not picking it up.

Overall – The longer I smoked, the more I liked it. I wasn't initially blown away by LNF, but can see it being one of those things I just keep smoking and then one day I find out I can't stop smoking it, time will tell.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 3/5
Recommend It? -  rated 3/5
Room Note -  rated 3/5
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# 20/6/2012 User rated 4/5
Review by Cortezattic

PS/LNF: A best buy Va. flake

PS/LNF is a Danish style Virginia flake with a honey golden color, neatly sliced into flakes just under 1˝ x 2˝ x 1/16th inches.  They come packaged at a textbook correct moisture level, and rub out into a ball of thin ribbons very easily. There are no packing, lighting or burning issues; and the smoke is cool, dry, and bite free.

It has a low intensity but very definite citrus tang that I would describe as somewhere between orange and lemon: light, and quite refreshing. This is perfectly complemented by subdued Virginia sugars, to produce a low level sweet-tart sensation that plays on top of the grassy tobacco flavor in a most satisfying way. It supposedly has Perique, but I don’t detect very much beyond an indefinite fruity presence in the background, and there is no peppery pinch for which Perique is renown – just a low level piquancy from the Va.

Although it belongs to the family of racy Virginia flakes, it is fairly mild in sharpness, piquancy, and nicotine strength; and it has medium body, or mouth feel, and medium flavor. It produces a good volume of luscious smoke, and works best for me in a larger diameter bowl. I look upon this as an economical anytime smoke that doesn’t demand much attention – though there are flavor nuances to be discovered if you make the effort to look for them.

This compares very favorably with the higher cost Va. flakes, and I recommend it to those looking for a typical example of the genre. In my book, a best buy.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 3/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
Room Note -  rated 3/5
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# 18/12/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by jchaplick

Luxury Navvy Flake

This is an interesting one for me.  I really enjoy it most of the time.  Some days it doesnt smoke too well, but thats true with alot of tobacco.

This is a great end of the day relaxing smoke, it has alot of flavor, and its one of my favorites.

User Rating
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 4/5
Room Note -  rated 3/5
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