Tin Aroma and Appearance – The aroma has the grassy character I might expect, but not a dry straw smell, a wetter, fresh mown thing and there is a definite fruity/sweet quality to it. It reminds me a little of raisins, but it does not dominate the aroma. The large yellow/brown mottled flakes are perfectly packed. I feel like I'm opening a Christmas present with this tin.

Pack and Smoke – I broke off half a flake, dried it for about thirty minutes and smoked it in one of my smaller bowled pipes. I used a fold and stuff method and, in retrospect, it could have benefitted from rubbing out, as I had a few relights. However, in general, it burned well and produced a fair amount of smoke. I can also see that this one might have a tendency to bite if smoked hot and fast.

Flavor – Clean and sweet, WOW! I'm almost tempted to leave it at that. It does have a subtle grassy/hay character, but it is subtle and not as pronounced as some other blends I've tried. I'm sometimes put off by an overpowering grassy character and this blend didn't do that. At times I also pick up a citrusy note. It's not as sharp as a lemon. I think orange is closer. I'm a bit of a nicotine lightweight and this smaller bowl didn't seem to effect me negatively.

Overall – I was surprised by this one. I picked up a fresh tin so that I could continue to age one I already had in storage. I'm glad I did. I don't smoke a lot of VA heavy tobaccos, preferring aromatics and English/latakia blends. However, I do enjoy Tilbury and LBF quite a bit and I think OGS may be on the top of my list. The clean, sweet flavor is simply delightful!