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Brand: Newminster, from VilligerCigars North America (formerly Villiger-Stokkebye) introduced April, 2012
Blender: The Mac Baren Tobacco Company
Tin Description: A Cavendish blend consisting of quality mild flue-cured Virginia tobaccos from South America.
Tobacco Flavor / Aroma: The natural mildness and a light, sweet aroma is what makes this blend exceptional.
Blend Notes: On a scale of 1 to 5: Body = 2; Aromatic Taste = 2; Room Note = 2
Tobacco cut: Straight Cavendish cut.
Packaging: bulk

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# 16/8/2012 User rated 4/5
Review by Cortezattic

Newminster #1 All Natural: a delightful Danish Cavendish with an enchanting bouquet

Newminster No. 1 All Natural is a Cavendish-cut mix of honey colored and darker tone leaf. The tin note has a wonderfully sweet aroma that immediately transports me to the parish church carnivals of my youth, where the smell of freshly spun cotton candy wafted through the air. It is a light aroma – very light – neither cloying nor obscuring the fragrance of the tobacco (which, I trust, are only various shades and grades of Virginia). Somewhere in the complexity of the bouquet I get the suggestion of …maybe vanilla, or maybe something a little more berry-like than that. Whatever the recipe, it is a sensory pleasure that alone is worth the price of admission. As ineffable as it is delightful, I can spend a considerable amount of time just sniffing it from a Mason jar to keep the olfactory memories coming.

So, immediately this suggests that “All Natural” is something of a misnomer in the context of tobacco purism; but it is quite possibly accurate in the sense that its flavoring relies on natural amendments rather than chemicals. I don’t know which one is the case, really. I think even the tobacco purist (and I lean that way myself) would see nothing objectionable here – except perhaps in principle – if on occasion one yields to the guilty pleasure of something confectionary, without going “over the counter”, IYKWIM.

The moisture level is perfect for immediate packing and lighting. Under the match it generates a good volume of creamy smoke; with good mouth feel, less than middling strength, and a mild Virginia flavor. I find it to be a dry, bite-free, rather mild smoke. The inviting bouquet, by the way, reappears in the smoke stream, mostly in the nose and sinuses, but at a much lower level – and all the more tantalizing for it!

On the whole this is a rather typical Danish style Cavendish that doesn’t demand one’s undivided attention, and makes for a pleasant every day kind of smoke. I imagine it would be wonderful in a cob, if you’re channeling your inner rustic; but it performs equally well in both meers and briars for me. It does not possess the nuance or complexity of a Virginia flake; and it is neither sharp and grassy, nor especially soft and wine-like. It has a utilitarian character – a Danish codger smoke, if you will. If you enjoy flavored Virginias and VaPers, and you can tolerate the likes of Stokkebye’s Luxury Twist Flake, Sail Regular, or Troost Special Cavendish, then I think you’ll enjoy this too.

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