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Brand: McClelland
Blender: McClelland Tobacco Company
Tin Description: PCCA Collector Reserve Series of Tobaccos are tinned as "ready to smoke" mixtures, but designed to age. Tudor Castle uses a very high sugar content bright Virginia (yellow) with a good amount of rare Number 1 grade village specific Yenidje, Red Virginia both dark stoved and raw red plus a full amount of barrel aged Louisiana Perique. This is a rare and expensive blend because of the Yenidje, the quality of the Virginias and the real Perique. It is designed to age due to the very high grade bright very high sugar content Virginia leaf. Pressed flake produced in the same vein as Beacon, Tudor Castle has been aged in cakes before its release in mid-December 2007.
Country of Origin: US
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia, Perique, Oriental
Cut: Broken Flake
Packaging: 50g Tin
Blend Notes: A very special mixture in very limited numbers as only 340 tins were produced for 2007.

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# 4/5/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by Schmitz Bitz

A VaPer with a twist!

This review is on the 2010 release; no additional aging.

The tin presentation on this tobacco is broken flake, offering up chocolate browns, shot through with golden and mocha ribbons, interspersed with granuals of tan.
The McClelland "ketchup" aroma is very strong on this tobacco, and weeks later, is still at the forefront, although hints of cinnamon and brown sugar, sandalwood and cedar, and of course, the spicy figgyness of perique can be found.

Like pretty much every flake, coin, or broken flake I've yet encountered, PCCA Tudor Castle requires some drying time prior to loading. My preferred method with this tobacco is to tear the flakes into 2mm(ish) wide strips, line them up vertically, and load; with any remanents rubbed out for top kindling.

It does take abit of fighting on the charring light, often requiring a second match for me (although I grant you this is more likely due to technique than to the tobacco itself).I should note that the flavour profile is somewhat mono-chromatic, and although it offers up subtle nuances throughout, the profile doesn't seem to undergo any major changes.
The flavour profile highlights the hay-like sweetness of the Virginias and the peppery and figgy notes of the perique beautifully, however, the Yendje really makes this blend sing, bringing hints of cedar and sandalwood to the mix. Not sure which leaf provides this, but I can also detect a slight nuttyness, and a flavour not unlike browned butter in the background.

This tobacco is no slouch when it comes to vitamin N, however, it's not going to leave one reeling, either.

The room note is pleasant, with hints of sandalwood, leather, and rasins prevailing over wafts of caramel sweetness.

One of the two drawbacks to this tobacco is that it does require some thought to smoking (although this may be due to the young age); if smoked fast, or hot not only can it bite like mad, but the flavour profiles muddle, and a strong ammonic flavour and aroma can rear it's ugly head...but when sipped slowly, this is one wonderful blend, and my go-to VaPer (the other is the cheesy tin-art; honestly looks like it was created in MSPaint). Highly reccommended; if you haven't yet, do yourself a favour and pick up a it says, designed to age, but ready to smoke NOW!

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