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Brand: Mac Baren
Tin Description: A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, dark spicy Cavendish and just a touch of Latakia. To give Plumcake an elegant aroma the blend has been flavoured with aged Jamaica Rum.
Country of Origin: DK
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Burley, Cavendish, Virginia, Latakia
Flavoring: Rum
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 100g tin
Blend Notes: Introduced in 1957

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# 2/8/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by balcifer

Plumcake Navy Style.

Wow just picked up this blend and have already tried two bowls and I am enjoying every momment.   When I opened the pouch the Navy Blend had a unique aroma which was very enjoyable that aroma was just  as enjoyable while smoking.  There was no burning feeling in my mouth but cool feeling.  I am no professional when it comes to pipe smoking but have to say I will be suggesting MacB Plumcak Navy Blend to my close friends. 

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Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
Room Note -  rated 5/5
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# 4/4/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by pstlpkr

A True Navy Blend

Mac Baren Tobacco: Plumcake Navy Blend

Batch Date: OCT 2010

"Bright Virginia tobaccos mixed with Burley, a little original Mac Baren Cavendish and just a touch of Syrian Latakia. On top of this masterly made blend original Jamaica Rum has been added to fulfill the impression." Quoted from back label.

This blend is as old as I am, and is supposed to harkens back to an oft romanticized time of the tall masted sailing ships. I have to admit that while not fancy the choice of colors and styling of the label on the lid does in fact remind one of a time 200 years in the past.

The tin note reminds me of a cool breeze on a clear day with a hint of rum. Rather esoteric I admit, but the aroma is quite clean and very pleasant with only a hint of sweetness with none of the smokiness one associates with Latakia. Any casing is light and may only influence the distinct lack of tobacco scent. Only upon a second and third concerted inhalation of the open tin do I detect any Latakia. I am impressed, and truly like the tin note.

I have smoked a few bowls in various pipes in an attempt to find a size and bowl shape that is most suited to this well established blend. My review is based on the smokes I have had in a large bowled Johs Bulldog.

The tobacco is light brown. Overall; it is the color one would expect from Bright Virginias, Burleys, and some Cavendish style tobaccos. It is interspersed with very little dark colored tobaccos associated with Latakia in general. Plumcake is ribbon cut with some clumping possibly resulting from the Cavendish process. Mac Baren Plumcake requires very little preparation, and owing to its medium moistness I recommend half an hour drying period as needed.

Upon each char light I taste the very light but distinct smoky, slightly peppery taste and nose of the Syrian Latakia. With the true; the mildly sweet Cavendish is apparent but still no rum. It is after a few minutes the Virginias and the complimentary Jamaican Rum begins to emerge. This is the case with each of the four bowls that I have smoked in my Bulldog. The flavor is purported to be "full bodied" and I agree to some degree. While the smoke is rich and the mouth feel substantial the flavors none-the-less (to me) seem very mild. To prevent my hydration during the smokes from influencing the flavors, I opted for ice water.

Further on in the large bowls, there developed a consistent and predictable gurgle. This did occur with each bowl. This required the use of pipe cleaners during the smokes and indicates that the medium moisture content you feel during preparation is deceiving. This pipe I have noted rarely gurgles during normal use.

Toward the end of each bowl the Latakia really comes on strong as does the Virginia tobacco. I find the nicotine content becomes more substantial the longer I smoke. Mac Baren Plumcake gets stronger and stronger. The rum disappears somewhere near the halfway point, and Latakia takes over.

I have waited until this point to address the room note. My wife stated that she liked it when I had just lit my pipe. A little while later she said "Your smoking Latakia again" with that familiar disgusted look on her face. That tells me the room note changes as does the smoke.

My preconceptions of Navy blends have always included Perique as a necessary component Plumcake of course has none. While I love Perique, I have never really believed it to be a traditional component of Navy blends. I'm sure it existed "way back when" but probably wasn't widely available. It seem more likely that it was just (pardon the pun) a parochial tobacco. In my opinion Plumcake is probably more representative of what the sailors of old may have actually smoked. My conceptions of what a Navy blend should be have been irrevocably changed. The sweetness of the Cavendish and the taste of Jamaican Rum are wonderful, but the continually growing strength of the blend provides the rugged taste and strength of nicotine demanded from a sailor's only real luxury on the high seas.

I have developed an appreciation for this remarkable tobacco blend. It wasn't what I expected. It transcended those expectations and provided a new insight to life aboard those tall ships that have served as inspiration for Mac Baren Plumcake.

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Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 4/5
Recommend It? -  rated 4/5
Room Note -  rated 2/5
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