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Brand: Hearth & Home
Blender: Russ Ouellette
Tin Description: In honor of our good friend, Robert Tucker, this is a complex, light English blend. Sweet, citrusy notes combine with a floral/toasty flavor and is finished off with the rich smokiness of premium Latakia. Cool-burning, this is a smoke for any time.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia, Latakia, Oriental
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 2oz tin, bulk

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# 10/1/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by bobt

A Great Medium Latakia Blend

When I smoked this blend for review, it had a little over 3 years of age on it.

The tin aroma of this blend is a nice sweet and smoky aroma. The Latakia was noticeable, but not overpowering. The moisture level was perfect for smoking right away with no drying time needed.

At the beginning of the smoke I tasted the smoky, sweet flavor of the Latakia and Virginia tobaccos. I also tasted some very nice hints of citrus along with some other flavor that I couldn't put my finger on. The flavor profile pretty much stayed the same from start to finish. At times the citrus flavor became more pronounced and at other times it faded into the background. The finish of this blend is very nice as well. On the finish, I tasted some type of a toasted flavor with hints of black coffee.

This is a very good blend and I like it a lot. It smokes cool, dry, and didn't bite. If you like medium Latakia blends, I think that you will really like this blend. I Highly Recommend it!

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