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Brand: Hearth & Home
Blender: Russ Ouellette
Tin Description: Over the past decade, the popularity of the Lakeland tobaccos, with their stout body and unusual flavors, has exploded. In fact, they’ve grown to such a point that availability is now a big issue. What differentiates these blends from everything else are their strength and the old-fashioned “scents” they use. They also make quite a few of their tobaccos in the form of flakes, cakes and ropes. In the last year, we’ve only received a few shipments of these sought-after blends, even though we could sell five times as much if we could get it. Due to numerous requests, we have developed a new tobacco called Lakeland Brickle. We start with a combination of Virginias (mostly red), along with dark, tangy Burleys (which add depth, spice and strength) and infuse them with traditional Lakeland-style flavors such as rose and a tonquin-type (among others), but with a light hand to avoid the “soapiness” that some people dislike. We then heat-treat it and put it under pressure to further develop the flavor and body, and finish by vacuum-sealing it in 8 oz. bags. Since we don't use humectants in the making of the blend, the tobacco should be transferred to an airtight resealable container (ziplock, mason jar, etc.) upon opening the vacuum bag. When you remove it from the bag, it will be in the form of a thin, squarish crumble cake which can easily be cut into strips or cubes for easy packing. The mildly sweet but robust flavor is intriguing, and seems to get better with each successive bowl. Try a taste of the Lakelands from this side of the pond- Hearth & Home Marquee Series Lakeland Brickle.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Burley, Virginia
Flavoring: Tonquin Bean
Cut: Crumble Cake
Packaging: Vacuum-sealed 8oz bag

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# 9/3/2011 User rated 0/5
Review by Uncle Arthur

H&H goes Lakeland

Today the UPS man brought my latest order of tobacco. In that order I got a pound of the new H&H Lakeland Brickle. When I first saw the slabs of tobacco my thought was OCB, chip board. this stuff is pressed out into about a 7x7x1/4 inch slab and I DO mean pressed. I fit a whole pound into two pint mason jars and an empty 50 gm Orlik tin. The aroma out of the bag is heavy on the rose side with hints of citrus. Being quite moist I let some I rubbed out rest for a short while. I packed a clay using my famous geezer grab and shove method. The charing light left no doubt that this is a lakeland style tobacco. The presence of the rose topping was very evident on the relight. The bowl burned well and the flavors were in my opinion extremely interesting. I enjoyed the smoke enough that I plan to grab another pound with my next order from If you enjoy the floral flavors of scented lakeland tobaccos then this is one for you. A major plus being you don't have to wait and hope for a shipment to arrive from England and then find out that it's sold out by the time you know about it. Russ has done an excellent job of creating a very tasty blend. Definitely lakeland , without being heavily in your face. If you enjoy this type of smoke I recommend it very highly.

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# 17/4/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by duncan

Lovin the Lakeland

Well this was my first venture into the realm of Lakeland style tobaccos.  When I opened the sealed bag I was overwhelmed by the rose and licorice smell. 

 I broke off a small chunk and jarred the rest.  Rubbed out the small chunk and stuffed it into a Duncan Canadian.

From first light to the last draw the flavor was there never waiving and always pleasant.  The rose and licorice flavor was just great all the way down.

Now all that said, I have a strong feeling that the pipe after one bowl is ghosted due to the power of the flavorings.  Which is fine if one has a good rotation of pipes.  So now I have a Lakeland pipe and will keep it away from the others.

I Highly Recommend this blend, but beware of the ghosting!

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# 10/6/2012 User rated 3/5
Review by PeterD

H & H Lakeland Brickle

As a dedicated pipe smoker for 51 years, I most often smoke a strong plug/flake/mixture. I do enjoy the lakeland scents, floral, soap, and otherwise, and in smoking the Lakeland Brickle, I find it quite nice but "underpowered" for me. I even ordered some of the "enhanced" version, and again, while a good smoke, not one that comes close to the traditional lakeland tobaccos.

As has been pointed out, the popularity of these tobaccos has increased, and having them available here in the US is a waiting game.

My analysis does not mean I think this tobacco is of poor quality or poor blending technique, No, I think Russ has some very good tobaccos and a real talent in putting things together...This is definitely worth a try and may serve the needs of many who simply can't get traditional lakeland tobaccos in a reasonable time frame. However, I would not classify this in the same category as a true lakeland tobacco.

...a pipe is to be savored...



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