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Brand: Hearth & Home
Blender: Russ Ouellette
Tin Description: Blended with Andrew (AJ) Smith, this is a different turn on the Virginia/Perique genre. A variety of red Virginias is combined with a generous amount of Perique, and the mixture is slightly mellowed and sweetened by Green River black Cavendish.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Black Cavendish, Virginia, Perique
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: Bulk

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# 8/1/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by pipenovelist

A Light Yet Full Flavored Vaper

I have had bad luck with a lot of Hearth and Home blends in the past, mainly the ones that contain Burley. There is just something about them that my chemistry doesn't like, so I decided to try something a little different from Hearth and Home, and this sounded like a nice mixture. I got it as part of the Hearth and Home sampler pack, and it was the first tobacco that I tried from said sampler. I have to say that I am highly impressed with this blend. Upon opening the bag, I am greeted with an earthy smell of wheat and raisins, and this is one of the rare blends for me that is dry enough to smoke right out of the bag and requires no dry time at all. The fine ribbon cut makes it very easy to pack. Upon the first light, I am greeted with the taste of a hearty wheat sweetness. Upon the second light, I get more of the wheat and a little bit of raisin sweetness with a whisper of the plum and spice flavor of the perique. As the bowl continued, the sweetness is still very prominent, and the perique gives it a nice pepper flavor without being too overpowering, but it is there as a nice compliment. Every once in a while, the Black Cavendish mellows the blend out and gives it a sort of vanilla taste which is very nice. Although this blend is dry right out of the bag, it is very slow burning and burns down to a very dry, white ash with no goop at all. This blend offered no tongue bite for me when packed loosely and smoked slowly. Overall, this is an impressive effort by Russ Oulette, and I look forward to the other blends in my sampler pack. Highly Recommended for Vaper fans!

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