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Brand: G. L. Pease
Blender: G. L. Pease
Tin Description: Meridian - balanced, poised & sophisticated. Cyprus Latakia is layered with fine virginia tobaccos and small leaf orientals, then pressed, sliced and tumbled into ribbons. More savory than sweet, with classic structure, medium body, and captivating complexity, Meridian is the perfect companion for a mid-day stroll or with the afternoon tea.
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia, Latakia, Oriental
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 2oz. tin
Blend Notes: Meridian is the third entry in the Old London Series. A classically styled blend that's wonderful when young, but with a good backbone for longer aging. It's a medium-full mixture, with flavors that evoke memories of some of the great Latakia blends from days gone by. Red and orange virginias are joined by a generous, but not overwhelming measure of Cyprian leaf, for a wonderfully earthy foundation. The spicy/sweet oriental tobaccos add fullness, and an exquisite aroma. Not as "big" or as full as Westminster, but similar in style. An excellent blend for a relaxing afternoon smoke, or as a delightful amuse bouche before dinner.

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# 11/1/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by Gtownviking


For what this is, it's fabulous. What is it you ask? It's the perfect afternoon stroll tobacco. Says so on the tin itself and lives up to it.

If you are interested in trying a Latakia blend, this would be a good one to try. Don't let the strength of the smell of the Latakia put you off when you open it. It's not near as strong as one would think.

The Virginia is nice and the Latakia is present but not overpowering at all and the oriental puts a little twist in there ever so often.

What I like about this tobacco is that it's "there" but not "THERE". It does not DEMAND your attention but it is by no means a wimpish tobacco either.

The Latakia is just enough to give you that "campfire" feel (taste) but doesn't leave you feeling like you've spent hours face forward in the smoke of the campfire.

It allowed me to puff generously with no bite and carry on a conversation without distracting my thoughts with overpowering strength.

Very pleasant to smoke. It will have a permanent place in my cupboard.

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