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Brand: Fribourg & Treyer
Tin Description: A full bodied, medium to full strength pressed flake. Very complex from start to finish with a well balanced taste that both boldly spicy and subtlety sweet.
Country of Origin: DE
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia
Cut: Flake
Packaging: 50g tin

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# 9/5/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by cortezattic

Cut Va. Plug is a flake on the dark side.

When I opened a fresh tin of CVP I found two stacks of exquisitely prepared tobacco flakes nestled side by side in an elegant little package. The presentation and grassy aroma were promising and, as it turns out, faithful harbingers of a wonderful smoking experience.

The mahogany colored flakes are laced with both darker and brighter strands, and possess only a slightly sweet dark fragrance. The flakes are pliable and at the correct moisture level for immediate use. I tried a carefully folded flake, and that didn't burn too consistently. I followed it up with a crushed (or scuffed) fold and got better results, but still not thoroughly pleasing. So from then on I rubbed out the flakes and, at the risk of losing some flavor nuances, I got what I was looking for: easy lighting, good burn, and lots of dense, luscious smoke.

CVP is a basic, grassy Virginia flake with a dark side sweetness that I'd put in the date and prune family -- perhaps even approaching anise. It produces lots of caramel overtones and has an ever-so-slight sharpness that suggests spice. I can't recall ever smoking a Virginia flake that produced sweet tastes in a part of the spectrum that is this dark. It is well worth investigating for its uniqueness and distinctive character -- let alone its wonderful taste. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that this blend has some flavoring, or at least an addition like Perique; but I could not detect anything other than a natural, unadulterated tobacco taste.

It has medium strength; full body (character); full flavor; and good balance among these traits. There is no bite, and it delivers a dry, invigorating smoke right down to the bottom of the bowl. This is a "must try" for those who appreciate a smooth, high quality Virginia flake.

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# 26/2/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by Nightcap


I can't taste Myrhh or Cinnamon in CVP, but it is a fine flake indeed. Good sweet Va taste that burns cool from beginning to end, CVP needs a little dry time before smoking. One of the best flake tobaccos on the market, this is a must try for Va flake fanciers.

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# 13/2/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by ohin3

Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug

The presentation in the tin is something to behold. The flakes are perfectly formed with no frayed edges and sliced very thin. Just handling them gives you the impression that you are handling something fine into which someone, with very exacting standards, put a lot of passion. The smell in the tin is so so nice. Fresh cut hay and timothy come to mind. The flakes are of perfect moisture level right out of the tin, but I have found that this tobacco seems to smoke best for me when fully rubbed and allowed to dry out for a half hour or so. Upon initial light I am greeted by grassy, bright, brassy lemon Va and an edgy spice like black pepper and cinnamon. A few more puffs and a bit of sugar pops up just before I tamp down the initial light's expansion. 2nd light and subsequent full char brings a very different experience than the initial light. I immediately get softened burnt sugar and the spice has been adjusted to more cinnamon than black pepper but both are still there. Further puffing brings more of the same but this tobacco seems to soften and round out even more. By mid bowl it is yielding classic Va sweet potato pie and buttery toffee and caramel flavours. It is very soft and round at this point and some dried and stewed fruit notes start to combine with the buttery toffee, caramel and sweet potato pie while the spice persists in the background. The spice that was cinnamon and black pepper seems to be developing more into a cinnamon and chilli pepper which tends to sharpen the sweetness of the caramel and toffee topped sweet potato pie flavours. As the spice sharpens, the caramelization seems to continue and the sweet buttery soft notes develop into more concentrated burnt sugar flavours and tar and coal flavours start to appear. Just about now the spice changes yet again. The cinnamon and chilli pepper persist, but the cinnamon sharpens and to it is added a salty cumin edge which goes quite well with the tar and coal flavours that are developing. A bit of clove also seems to emerge and the whole thing sort of combines to take on an incense quality similar to good quality myrrh. The end of the bowl is strong and warm like a good cigar. Not hot, but warm. This tobacco never ever bit me or was even the slightest bit harsh on my mouth or throat. It developed steadily from start to finish and each development was fascinating. Amazing that someone can take some leaves and process them into something that can yield this fine of an experience. Kudos to Fribourg And Treyer...Kudos indeed.

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