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Brand: Esoterica Tobacciana
Tin Description: An elegantly flavored flake comprised of six Virginia tobaccos, light in color and rich in taste. Exceedingly mellow and easy to rub out.
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia
Cut: Broken Flake
Packaging: 8oz pouch

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# 26/6/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by Cortezattic

Peacehaven: fermented grassy flavors and pungent, fruity complexity

Peacehaven comes as a flat slab of tightly compressed flakes in a plastic tray, sealed in a metalized plastic pouch. The honey brown flakes are approximately 5˝” x 1” x 1/16th”, and are quite difficult to separate without breakage. That’s not a problem if you like broken flake or you normally rub out flakes; but if you insist on folding flakes, have a spatula-like tool at the ready to pry the individual flakes apart. Even then it will be touch-and-go. This is not to suggest that the tobacco is overly moist, for it lights and burns well as it is, but many folks will prefer some drying. The flakes rub out into a shag with a variety of ribbon widths, some of which are so thin they resemble dill weed, giving a clump of this stuff a rather mossy appearance.

The bouquet of the blend is strong with the sourness of fermentation (as opposed to vinegar) and is resplendent with the aroma of sweet apricot, pungent green olives, and the zesty odor of moldering hay. Despite the sourness and pungency, the aroma suggests something sweet and fruity without being sugary; and it all translates quite well in the smoke stream. Upon lighting, the blend's flavors are joined by a subtle citrus taste, and just a hint of something licorice-like. The finish lingers on the palate in the same way chocolate does, but the taste is not exactly the same.

I usually categorize a Virginia blend as either fruit-like or grassy; the former being sweet, wine-like and buttery, the latter sharp, zesty and piquant. Peacehaven incorporates the characteristics of both. On balance I would call this a sweet, mildly sharp Va. blend with pungent, fruity complexity and above average nicotine strength. It is among the more complex blends on the market and exudes character and sophistication. It produces a good volume of cool, dry, chewy smoke that is a joy to play with in the nose and sinuses.

I find this very satisfying, so I can’t imagine smoking this more than once or twice a day – it is certainly not an all day/every day smoke; but there is something about it that leaves my taste buds yearning for just another taste – one more bowl. I think Shakespeare expressed the craving best when he described Cleopatra’s irresistible allure:

Age cannot wither her,
Nor custom stale her infinite variety;
Other women cloy the appetites they feed,
But she makes hungry where most she satisfies...

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