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Brand: A & C Peterson / Villiger Stokkebye International
Blender: Orlik Tobacco Company A/S
Tin Description: A combination of full bodied Virginia from North Carolina and Virginia blended with Perique from Louisiana are the cornerstones in Escudo. The blend is pressed and matured before it is spun and cut into coins. This process ensures the unique character of Escudo.
Country of Origin: DK
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Virginia, Perique
Cut: Coins
Packaging: 50g tin
Blend Notes: Produced by the Cope brothers from 1870 to 1936, at which point they were bought by Gallaher. Gallaher produced Escudo until 1994. A & C Petersen began production in 1997, with the original presses. Now blended by Peter Stokkebye Toaksfabrik A/S, imported and distributed by Villager Stokkebye International.

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# 2/1/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by igloo

Not in a hurry

  My tin is from 2007 and upon opening the smell of fresh mowed dry hay and pepper greats the nostrils . I like to reserve a small size three pipe that seems to hold the coins in a fold and stuff method better than most . The tobacco is not overly moist or dry , just wet enough that the coins do not crumble . The charr and wait method works best here . Find something to do for twenty minutes and then light wih good old fashioned kitchen matches . The taste of sweet Virginia shines through , no toppings , just the natural sugars offset by the fresh ground black pepper in the back ground . In the begining the flavor is almost like fresh spring air but continues to build in strength by mid bowl the coins are glowing and  nuances begin to heighten . Each draw of the pipe in slow motion greets me with pure subtle  pleasure . Iam in no hurry to finish the pipe and the tobacco begs me not to rush or it will not give up its secrets . The tobacco is best reserved to a pipe used for this blend . Try not to rush the smoke or you will miss the flavor . A true classic not to be  missed  I can not give it five star only because the flavors are so subtile and subdued .

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# 17/3/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by Dave

Escudo Navy Deluxe

This is a classic blend with a lot of history so it has some appeal on that level. I normally smoke smaller bowls so I find it easier to tear the coins into smaller ribbons than try to just bend them or put larger pieces in the pipe. When I tried that, I found it difficult to light and keep burning. It smoked fine when torn into much smaller pieces. The mix is interesting, the VA looses some of it's sweetness with the addition of the Perique which makes for a more intersting smoke with a little pepper kick to it. It is a good tobacco to savor and enjoy and even at times when I smoked it a little faster I did not notice any tongue bite at all. If you like this I would also reccomend Wessex Sovereign. It is very similar in style but curly cut into much smaller rounds that are easier to work with.

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# 11/6/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by romeowood

Escudo Navy De Luxe

Brand: A&C Peterson / Peter Stokkebye (by Scandinavian Tobacco Group)
Blend: Escudo Navy De Luxe
Blender: STG
Type: VaPer
Country: Denmark
Cut: Coins "Navy twist"
Cure: Flue cured
Tobaccos: Virginia, Perique
Strength: Medium-Strong
Room Note: Medium
Tin Size: 50g
Tin Age: 5 years / 6 months

Tin Description: A combination of full bodied Virginia from North Carolina and Virginia blended with Perique from Louisiana are the cornerstones in Escudo. The blend is pressed and matured before it is spun and cut into coins. This process ensures the unique character of "Escudo".

If you smoke a pipe then you will eventually smoke Escudo, and most likely you will find that it will become part of your regular rotation. This tobacco has a long and storied history, yet it speaks volumes that the name and quality seem to have survived all incarnations. Originally produced by Cope Brothers Tobacco of Liverpool, it, like many other classics, has changed hands many times. It is currently produced by STG for Villiger Stokkebye; this review is from a 5 year old tin of the A&C Peterson incarnation as well as 2010 tins from Stokkebye.

Tin: From The Beloved Tobacco Maven's website:

"In colonial days, sailors twisted tobacco into a roll and tied it tightly, often moistening the leaves with rum, molasses, or spice solutions. As the tobacco dried and contracted, the flavors melded. To smoke the concoction, they cut a slice of "twist" or "curly" and stuffed a pipe, hence the terms "sliced twist" and "curly cut." In time, all twisted tobacco, and later pressed tobacco, became known as "navy," because it was convenient for sailors and outdoorsmen, due to its compact size and long-lasting, slow-burning qualities."

Escudo is a Navy twist, cut into coins of just under 1/16" thickness. The fine-spun tobaccos are a perfect brindle of dark tobaccos streaked with lighter ribbons. Newer coins are much lighter overall than the older coins, a pleasing visual indication of aging. The aroma of the newer tin is bright, with yellow and orange leaf dominating their notes of hay, white raisin, and a slight salt-fig scent; while the older tin is much deeper and redolent of chocolate, Medjool dates, the ferment of leather, and tawny port wine.

Char: It is to be noted that either rubbing out the coins or curling them and stuffing can change the flavor profile. Rubbed out, the smoke is a bit steadier and of a more consistent rhythm of flavors; while curling and stuffing yields a bit more of the nuance of gradually shifting mouthfuls of light and dark notes. The charring light releases a rich bundle of energy from the Virginia, followed by a nice peppery retort from the Perique.

Top: Preferring the profile of the rolled and stuffed packing method, the classic VaPer taste really shines. Top notes are bright but never too sharp - tangerine, ginger, white grape and fresh leather, with just the right cracked-pepper highlight are at the same time developing a creamy fullness thanks to the background notes. The newer blend is crisp, sharp, and nicely acrid; the older blend's brightness quickly settles down to a creamy nougat.

Mid: Once well underway, the bowl really grabs you. Flavors become stronger, more distinct, richer in every way. The 5-year displays a dark sweetness - rich root beer or sarsaparilla, stout ale, hints of chestnut and fig. The younger tin places ginger, heather & hay, tangerine, bergamot, even the occasional wisp of white chocolate before you. Both hold these top notes in a thick, creamy base of rich, sweet, leathery tobacco, producing a nice volume of smoke along the way. The nicotine content also becomes readily apparent at mid-bowl, remaining steady through the end.

Finish: The end of the bowl is the only drawback of Escudo; for certainly if it is to your taste at all and you smoke past the charring light then you will wish it never to end. It smokes cool and bite-free even with repeated bowls, though the nicotine and richness can be too much for an all-day smoke. Throughout the bowl the recurring theme is creaminess, and the finish on the palate leaves you very much appreciating this full-bodied smoke. It will coat your tongue with its treacle, so is best paired with an equally strong beverage - a strong black tea or espresso, tawny or ruby port, or a no-nonsense ale.

Room Note: A rich, slightly acrid smoke will mark the room with hints of chestnut, burnt popcorn, and raisin. On the mild side, though non-smokers may disagree.
Overall: The reason for this blend's longevity should become apparent after the first sampling. It is no wonder that it remains one of the most-cellared and best-selling tobaccos after more than a century; it should be considered the baseline from which to judge VaPer blends. There was a remarkable richness gained by age in the older tin, which holds true to the Virginia milestone of 4 to 5 years. The balance of the blend is its hallmark, and it is impeccable. Elegant in its simplicity, Escudo delivers a classic smoking experience whatever its age. It excels in straight pipes, particularly tall billiards and clays, though it is not averse to any chamber you may burn it in.

RATING: 4.95

A rich, full bodied VaPer, considered by many to be the standard of this style.

Ages perfectly, demands a good pairing but is not inflexible, and delivers a fullness of flavor that puts it in a class apart.


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