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Brand: Daughters & Ryan
Blender: Mark Ryan
Tin Description: A flavorful blend of the finest flue-cured Gold leaf tobaccos and a rare Acadian Perique.
Country of Origin: USA
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia, Perique
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 40g tin, 3.5oz tub, 14oz bag

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# 14/4/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by Seismic7

Lightest Blend of Perique from D & R Tobacco

I found this to be the lightest out of the D & R Rimboche Perique Blend Tobacco's.  Perfect for those who find the SJ Rimboche too strong and those who don't enjoy the extra spice provided by the Rimboche AB.  I like all 3 blends of Perique Tobacco, offered by D & R, i've gotten so used to them, there are alot of tobacco blends to choose from for people who make there smokes, it all depends on preference when choosing a tobacco.

 A big 14oz bag costs around $35 and usually lasts over a month for me, plus the cost of 3 boxes of Beretta Tubes($10). $45 a month towards tobacco. Compared to what i paid  last year using American Spirit Perique Tobacco. 

American Spirit Perique costs over $10pack,   pouches cost $15 for 1.5oz of tobacco.  I would have to buy  10 pouches of American Spirit Perique for a total cost of around $150, plus 3 boxes of Beretta Tubes, i was spending $160 a month on tobacco rolling with American Spirit.  And that option was cheaper than buying packs of Perique(American Spirit) which sell on average in my area for $10-$12. 

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