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The blend is described on the tin as:

Named and developed for friend and 
customer Bob Coffey. 
A Blend of Virginias and Burleys
with just a dash of Latakia
and Perique and finished with a
refreshing flavor

The picture of the tin is from

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# 10/3/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by uberam3rica

I Love This Stuff!

First off, I don't typically smoke aromatics. They usually don't taste like much to me. This one is different. I'm a member of the forums, and so is Bob. I remember Bob saying that the "refreshing flavor" was grape. The tin note is predominantly grape at first sniff, but a few more sniffs, and you can pick out a bit of the Latakia mustiness. The scent of the Burleys and Virginias are lost in the grape. The Periques smell isn't really there, probably because it is used as a condiment. Not as a main flavor component. And also because it often has a stewed fruit smell. The same goes for the Latakia, it is containmental. The flavor is wonderful. You get a nice tobacco taste, with the grape coming through on the exhale. The grape is stronger if you exhale through your nose or inhale. It isn't in your face, but it isn't subdued either. The flavoring is just right. The Virginias and Burleys make a great base flavor, with the tang of the Virginias really complimenting the grape. The Latakia adds a nice body and very slight creaminess to the blend, but it doesn't make it taste like Latakia. I couldn't really pick out the Perique in the two bowls I've had, probably because Perique often lends a fruitiness to a blend, and the flavoring of this blend is a fruit. A few more bowls and I might be able to pick it out. It's possible I didn't get much in the bowls I had. All in all, it's a great blend, that is definitely worth trying. It's different, but often different is a good thing.

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