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Brand: Boswell's Pipes and Tobacco
Blender: J.M. Boswell
Tin Description: Full and rich and superbly made with a Cavendish blend, along with burley and a pinch of cherry. Bursting with rich flavours and smoothness. One of J.M.'s favourites to smoke which he masterfully blended back when he was 20 years old.
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Contents: Burley, Cavendish
Flavouring: Cherry
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: Bulk

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# 8/12/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by smokey 422

An OUTSTANDING aromatic pipe tobacco

J.M. Boswell and  his family have operated a well known pipe and tobacco shop in Chambersburg, PA for the last 31 years. They are well known for economical pipes that smoke like champs. I have three Boswells myself and can attest to their quality. Fortunately for us, J.M. also blends his own tobaccos. I've smoked eight different Boswell blends and have enjoyed them all.

Pennsylvania Dutch Treat right now is my favorite aromatic pipe tobacco, the one I prefer to all others. Strong words I know, but this blend just seems to have it all. First off, PDT is not a goopy wet aromatic like many of the breed. It will not foul your pipe or inhabit it with "ghosts" that will affect the taste of other blends. It loads and lights easily and has the best burn characteristics of any aromatic I've ever smoked. Fact is, it's better than many tobaccos of any type.

It's topping has a mild cherry flavor that comes out as a very pleasant sweet taste that is not syrupy or overly sweet. There's a lot of burley tobacco in PDT and you can taste it behind the casing, particularly in the second half of the bowl. It's apparent that quality tobaccos have been used to formulate this blend. It all burns down to fine ash with almost no dottle.

Scores for Pennsylvania Dutch Treat: Taste- 17 out of 20; lighting and burn- 9 out of 10; value- 8 of 10. 34 points gets PDT a very nice **** rating. Try this tobacco, aromatic fans!

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