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Brand: Boswell's Pipes and Tobacco
Blender: Dan Boswell
Tin Description: Superbly made blend that Dan has created with a good friend in mind who was searching for a light English. The result is a unique taste experience. Excellent blend to look forward to at the end of your day. Another Masterful blend by Dan Boswell.
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Contents: Virginia, Latakia
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: Bulk

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# 8/12/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by smokey 422

A GREAT medium English blend!

Magnum Blend is a light English developed by Dan Boswell for a friend that has become very popular. The ingredients are not listed on Boswell's website but peering into the jar I have here it appears as though there are gold and red VAs, Black Cavendish, and a little Latakia.

MB packs and lights easily due to its' almost perfect moisture content. Once going, it requires a minimum of relights. The taste at first is dominated by the sweet VA and Black Cavendish, then you notice the Latakia there in the background providing body to the smoke. It's a very pleasant early morning smoke before you're ready to take on a full-fledged Balkan. In fact, I sometimes smoke it all day, it's that good.

Boswell's prices have gone up steadily in the last few years, as have most tobacco suppliers. Nevertheless, I'm deducting one point on value.

Scores for Magnum Blend: Taste- 18 of 20; lighting and burn- 8 of 10; value- 8 of 10. 34 points equals a good **** score.

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