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Brand: Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blender: Altadis
Tin Description: In fox hunting, the quarry, the pack, the field, and the field master are all essentials of the hunt. Conversely, this luxurious English mixture has its essentials: Smoky Latakia, Matured Virginias, Rich Burley and Quality Turkish.
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Contents: Latakia, Orientals, Burley, Virginia
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 1.5oz tin

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# 10/6/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by porshcigar

A Very Satisfying Summer Blend

I like blends that are lighter for summer smoking. Field Master fits that requirement. It is a little lighter than blends like Berkshire, but stll delivers the Latakia taste. It lights very well, smokes cool and dry, and needs very few relights to reach the bottom of the bowl. I got my first taste of this from a tin given out at the Chicago 2013  Show Welcome Banquet, and I have been smoking it on a daily basis since then. This is a great alternative to heavier Latakia blends that I smoke.

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