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Brand: Boswell's Pipes and Tobacco
Blender: J.M. Boswell
Tin Description: Masterfully created by J.M. in 2009. One of J.M.'s favourite fruit is Pomegranate. J.M. thought last summer, why not a tobacco to enjoy? The blending itself is an art. Harmonizing this tasty Pomegranate fruit with J.M.'s exquisite tobacco formula has made this deliciously mild, yet full of fragrance. It clears the brain and soothes the temper.
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Contents: Cavendish
Flavouring: Pomegranate
Cut: Curly Cut
Packaging: Bulk

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# 11/12/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by jerwynn

Boswell's Pom Holiday

I personally visited Boswell's in Chambersburg, PA, after delivering my U.S. Marine son back to Camp Lejeune a couple weeks ago.  One of the items on my shopping list was a 2 ounce sample of Boswell's Pom Holiday.  I gotta tell you... when I smoked that first bowl of Pom Holiday it was love at first scent!  I have smoked nothing else since meeting Pom Holiday!   I am relatively new back to the pipe scene after a 30 year lay-off.   I honestly am an aromatic fan A-1.   I primarily experience tobacco through it's aroma.(Hence the score of 3 stars on flavor.)  They all taste more or less the same to me.  But aroma... now that's something else entirely.  I have read that pipe-smokers can't smell what they are smoking.  I may be a mutant, but I olifactorily smell it 10,000 times more than I taste it.  And Pom Holiday was overwhelmingly awesome from the first puff.   There is the absolutely delightful sense of "berry" right off the bat.  Not having recently sampled a pomegranate, I'm not really sure what  pom actually tastes like... but this is for sure:  I lit up that first bowl of Pom Holiday and my dearly beloved wife and ultimate room-note judge says, "Oh my god what is that you're smoking... that's positively incredible!"  And then my first son, a strong, dark, cigar fan, happens by and says, "Wow, what is that in your bowl... that smells fantastic!"  And that was Pom Holiday in the bowl.   Why even just tonight I had a seat in my man-cave (garage) with a bowl of the same and just couldn't get enough of the lovely, wonderful aroma wafting off the rim.   I sat there for an hour working my way through my Peterson Kinsale from top to bottom.   At the end I wanted more.  I am not well versed enough (yet) in the characteristics of cavendish, burley, virginia, etc to describe precisely what I smelled/tasted.   But as a semi-neophyte I can say for a certainty that Boswell's Pom Holiday is a total winner in every respect.  I can also add to the many witnesses of the same that a visit to Boswell's in person is a wonderful experience.  J.M. and staff were totally warm and welcoming.   We had been on the road a long time at our arrival and J.M. himself met us at the store and offered all the things weary travelers would need the most.  (Cold water and restrooms!)  Some day when the economy favors and my budget concurs, I hope to own more than one hand-crafted Boswell pipe in addition to his outstandingly blended tobacco.  

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Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 3/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
Room Note -  rated 5/5
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