Rules and Guidelines for Pipe Tobacco Reviews

Do not post any links or URLs.

However, at your option, you can embed your own YouTube video into your review. Please only post your own videos and they must be an actual tobacco review or they will be deleted.

Just put the video ID into the video field, not the entire URL. For example:

If the YouTube video URL is: - you will just enter this into the YouTube Video field: 4PST5yAmcoo

Written Review Content

Tell us the age of the tobacco. Many times a 5-year old tin will deliver a very different experience than a brand new tin.

While we know that tastes are subjective and that every person will have a different take on a particular tobacco blend, we still think that there should be some guidelines and rules for doing a tobacco review. We know that everyone will not like all of the same blends and for every person that likes a blend there is another person that does not and vise versa. But we must maintain the integrity of the reviews and want everyone to be as objective as they can.

If you like a blend, explain in your review why you like it. If you do not like a blend, explain in your review why you don't. That will help the people who read the reviews here at to make a better, more informed decision.

It is fine that you love a blend and think it is the greatest or that you hate a blend and think that it is the worst blend that you have ever smoked, but explain why you hate it or why you love it. Reviews that go something like this:

"This tobacco was horrible and I hate it."

- or -

"I love this tobacco! It is one of the greatest blends that I have ever smoked"

This does not help the person reading the review to make an informed decision and will be deleted.

If you can not be objective then do not do a review of that type of blend. Do reviews of tobacco genres (Virginia, Aromatics, English, etc.) that you normally smoke. If you hate aromatics and can not be objective, then do not do a review of an aromatic. Reviews that go something like this are not helpful at all and will be deleted:

"I hate aromatics and I never smoke them, but I decided to do a review of this aromatic. This is a horrible blend and it is garbage! I hate it! Do not smoke this blend!"

We love creativity as much as anyone, but remember that you are reviewing tobacco blends. The review should be about the blend, not some drawn out story that does not have anything to do about the blend. Those types of reviews will be deleted. Everyone is encouraged to be creative in the writing their reviews, but remember that you are doing a review, not writing a fictitious story for a book.

The Five Star Rating System

Here at we have a five star rating system. Here is the guideline for rating using the stars:

1 Star = Did Not Like It
2 Stars = Just OK
3 Stars = Liked It
4 Stars = Really Liked It
5 Stars = Loved It

1 Star/Did Not Like It = One of the worst blends that you have ever smoked. You would not buy any more of it and would not recommend it.

2 Stars/Just OK = A blend that you think is just OK. You don't care for it and/or do not like it. You would not buy anymore of it and would probably give the rest of it away. You can see why some people would like it, but it is just not your cup of tea.

3 Stars/Liked It = A solid blend that you like and enjoy on occasion. You would keep some of it on hand, but it would not be a regular smoke and it would probably not make it into your regular rotation.

4 Stars/Really Liked It = A very good to excellent blend that you really enjoy and you could see why others would love it. You keep this blend on hand at all times and it would be in your regular rotation.

5 Stars/Loved It = An incredible blend, among the best blends that you have smoked. You buy this blend in large quantities and probably have a large amount of it in your cellar. This would definitely be in your regular rotation.

Rating Other Peoples Reviews

Here on, you can rate other members' reviews. When you are reading a review, there is an option under the reviewers' names where you can click that the review was "Helpful" or that it was "Not Helpful". Be sure to pay attention to which one you choose because once you click on it, it can not be undone.

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