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Brand: Samuel Gawith
Blender: Samuel Gawith
Tin Description: A sumptuous blend of Virginias and Perique, this big, bold British style flake incorporates a generous proportion of St. James Parish, LA perique.
Country of Origin: UK
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Virginia, Perique
Cut: Flake
Packaging: 50g Tin

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# 21/4/2011 User rated 4/5
Review by maduroman

st james flake

st james flake is the 1st flake i tried, and the one responsible for my love of flake.
i do not rub out flakes, i use stuff and puff as the preperation method, folding and inserting in the pipe bowl.
i was at 1st unsure of the hoopla over it and happened to see a tin @ my local b&m shop... and it was cheap so i picked up a tin at the warden's urging.
so as soon as i got home i popped open the tin to see the slices looking back at me, little neat flakes in perfect formation.
the tin aroma while pleasant left me a bit underwhelmed after all the hype i had heard.
grabbing one of my cobs i pulled 2 flakes out of the tin, moist enough to hold together but not to damp to smoke. after folding legnthwise and again shortwise i pushed it into my pipe.
the innitial kiss of the flame released a pleasant room note and intreging taste in my mouth. the ember died away and i went on for full light wondering what would happen next.
the warden was sitting next to me and remarked "that one smells nice." high praise from her.
the flavor built as i smoked away, always good, no bite or bitter taste. it reminded me of all the grand old men who i know as a lad that smoked pipes. i will not say that it tasted like leather or loam, because i have never botherd to taste those things. it did taste pleasant and consistant all the way through the bowl. this is a damn good tobacco and would recomend it to anyone who wants a good consistant smoke start to finish without an overpowering nic kick.

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Tin Aroma -  rated 3/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
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# 2/3/2014 User rated 4/5
Review by billinrio

But let it dry out

I agree with maduroman that this is a fine, balanced  Vaper flake. No Lakeland soap odor, and a nice douse of peppery perique.  However, the moisture level of the tobacco when you open the tin borders on "sloppy", so you need to let them dry out a bit.  Moreover, like many rectangular tins, this one doesn't reseal well, so I recommend that after opening it you transfer the flakes to something more appropriate for storage.

User Rating
Flavor -  rated 4/5
Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Recommend It? -  rated 5/5
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