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Brand: Peterson
Blender: Kohlhase, Kopp und Co. KG
Tin Description: A full bodied blend made of equal proportions air-cured, flue cured, and dark fired. True to the pure, unspoilt tobacco taste. Recommended for the experienced pipe smoker.
Country of Origin: DE
Curing Group: Flue Cured
Contents: Burley, Kentucky, Virginia
Cut: Flake
Packaging: 50g tin

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# 21/4/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by Schmitz Bitz

A strong burley blend!

I should begin this review by stating that I discovered this tobacco before discovering etailers, and as such, the two and a half tins I've smoked, as well as the five others in my cellar, are all the older incarnation of this tobacco, in the deep rectangular tin, not the current, square tin. I have heard that the flakes are not as tightly packed in the newer tins (more akin to OGS in density), nor are they quite as strong, but definitely comparable.

Upon opening the tin, I am always struck by the physical beauty of these flakes - dark browns, marbled with tans and blacks, pressed tightly into a small(ish) flake.
The tin aroma is quite complex, bringing first strong scents of over-ripe fruit, leather (saddle leather in particular), dry saw-dust, fermented leaves and earth, and just a hint of must. As I rub out the flakes, the over-ripe fruit and fermenting leaf/earthy smells becomes even more pronounced, well the saw-dust, leather and must take a back seat.

My preferred method with this flake is fold-n-stuff, or roll-n-stuff, depending on the chamber of the pipe I've selected; I find when rubbed out, the flavours tend to muddle more than I like (which is contradictory, I know...).
The flake takes a flame decently, although I tend to go through a whack of matches on the charring light - more due to my technique than the tobacco, I'm sure, as this is the case with any flake for me. I find the ember is usually easy to control from true light through tipping, and is one of the few tobacco's that I don't have to relight every second puff at the heel.

The smoke is very rich and creamy, and begs to be takes alot to make this tobacco bite, but the nicotine content can floor a person if they puff too heartily.
Strong nutty burley flavours are predominant, interspersed with hints of leather, musk, coffee, (bitter dk.) chocolate, and equine sweat. Every so
often, I will detect a hay-like sweetness with undertones of papaya, although this is never at the forefront of the profile.
As the bowl burns down, the sweetness is replaced by an almost peppery flavour, which slowly becomes stronger as the bowl progresses; although it never dominates of becomes overpowering, preferring to leave the flavours described above dominant.

The room note on this tobacco is strong, however even the non-smokers that have been subjected to this blend agree its enjoyable. Akin to musty sawdust, leather, musk and sweat, it takes me back to days gone by, when men were men.

I'm sure you've heard the nicotine in this blend is through the roof - well, I wouldn't go that far...but it is certainly there. One of the few blends that gets my tempurature up, and my stomach going if I'm not careful; but that said, its also one of the few blends that completely kills any hint of a cigarette craving for hours. Best enjoyed after a large meal; and go SLOW!

Despite the disclaimer "For the experienced smoker", I would recommend this blend to anyone who enjoys a strong rich smoke. Cigarette smokers in particular will find this blend strong enough in the N department to kill cravings, while the cigar crowd will appreciate the richness of the burleys.

Compliments strong black coffee, porters and stouts, and well oaked whiskeys extremely well.

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# 20/7/2011 User rated 5/5
Review by bobt

A Great, Strong Blend!

The tin aroma from this blend is a straight forward strong tobacco with a hint of tanginess. The moisture content is almost perfect for smoking right upon opening the tin. I took a couple of flakes and rubbed them out between my palms to get a nice rubbed out mixture. It rubbed out very easily.

The flavor is a straight forward, unadulterated tobacco taste; accompanied by slightly sweet, slightly smoky, and slightly tangy tastes that interchange with each other. What I mean by this is, sometimes I taste sweetness, other times a tanginess, and other times a smokiness. It does not happen at certain times of the smoke, it just randomly switches. The smokiness is nothing like the smokiness that I get from Latakia; it is a different kind of smokiness. It’s different, but very good.

This is one strong tobacco! Peterson’s is not kidding when they say, ‘For the experienced smoker’. I did not eat before smoking and by the half way point; I could feel it in my stomach. But I am an experienced smoker and can take it…(I think). I don’t think I would smoke this blend early in the day. It is more of a later in the afternoon and/or evening smoke for me. It is just too strong for early in the day. I pushed this tobacco a little and I got no bite from it. It has a nice sweet and tangy finish that lingers for a bit.

This is a very good tobacco and I will definitely be smoking more of it. It smokes slow, cool, dry, and doesn't bite. If you like good strong tobacco, I think that you will love this blend. Just make sure you eat before smoking it!

I Highly Recommend it!

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Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
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# 23/5/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by The German

Given the choices I have, this is my choice.

When I first met this blend, my trusted tobacconist told me it would most likely overwhelm me. He has since managed to get the egg off his face.

I have smoked a few of Gawith, Hoggarth & Co's ropes and plugs, which are quite a bit stronger, but in the Irish Flake as offered today, I can see their heritage of Dark Fired tobacco. The tin aroma is nothing to write home about, really, but rubbed out, this blend is a beauty.  Yes, this is definitely for the Experienced, as is noted on the label.

Compared even with Peterson's own University Flake, which is not exactly weak, this blend has a good amount of Oomph—in other words, it will kick you in the noggins if you don't respect it. Then again, for said experienced smoker, this is a Burley/VA done right: Full strength, full sweetness, full chocolate/cocoa taste with an absolutely amazing room note.

I currently have a few tins of this blend in my cellar, and I do not believe I could do without it as a "standard" option in my rotation as an after-dinner blend. For beverages, a malty Highland should fit, or a very strong coffee—or, for that matter, any Whisky with enough peat in it. My personal favourite is the 10-year-old Laphroaig.

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# 27/3/2012 User rated 5/5
Review by rcstan

A Fine Strong Smoke that Demands Respect

originally posted on

I opened the square tin and was greeted by a rich aroma of mature ripe tobacco, with musty wood tones. A gold colored sticker with Mr Peterson's likeness and signature sealed the paper wrap. There were 22 neatly stacked deep reddish brown slices inside the paper wrap. The slices were moist, little oily and springy.

Took one slice and broke it in half, then further separated the strands and rolled it in a little clump which filled the bowl of my Aran 03 about two-thirds. The other half was placed back in the tin. I poured a cup of strong Turkish coffee, put on my jacket, and headed into the sunny but cold ( 36 F ) Alaskan afternoon.

Charring light took extremely well. I tried to let it go out but it did not, so I continued on. This is STRONG stuff, rich in taste and packs a BIG punch in the nicotine department. Tingles the mouth, not with a spice but with aroma and strength. DO NOT inhale ….. well, if you do, give it a while to settle in with you. It's full bodied and rich. Compared to wine, Malbec or a good Zinfandel come to mind.

Halfway through the bowl, after sipping it, it decided to go out. After a light tamp and relight, the strong tingle was not noticeable unless puffed. A grassy aroma made itself noticed and stayed to the end. Toward the heel of the bowl, the nicotine punch came through again for a nice finish.

I smoked another half a flake that evening, this time along with a small sipper of Single Malt Scotch. Sort of a bad idea, in that it intensified the effects of the alcohol. Not to an uncomfortable, sickly sort, but it seemed to mask some of the fine subtle flavors of the baccy. Even with that, it makes for an excellent night cap. It smoked consistently as it did the first time.

Yesterday evening I decided to give another half a flake a try. Same results. Burns consistently to a fine grayish-white ash, tastes consistently good, leaves little dottle in the bowl. Smokes fairly cool unless pushed, and very dry provided you take your time and don't drool through the stem. I would smoke it strictly outdoors as the smoke seemed to burn the eyes a bit whilst smoking it in the confines of my Jeep with the windows up to try and get a room note. Speaking of which, it smells like a tobacco barn in the forest. Very lovely.

In conclusion, this is an excellent, awesome, quality baccy which must be treated with respect, or it WILL demand it.

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Tin Aroma -  rated 5/5
Flavor -  rated 5/5
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# 14/8/2012 User rated 4/5
Review by Monkeyshine

Tasty treat

I enjoy this one the most of all of the Peterson blends that I have tried. I am addicted to nicotine and enjoy stronger tobaccos. This smells like Copenhagen snuff in the tin but I don't get that in the smoking. IF is very rich in flavor of straight tobacco; I don't detect any casing at all. The flakes are perfectly uniform and while they look small in flake form, 1 flake will rub out to an average bowl filling amount.

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Tin Aroma -  rated 4/5
Flavor -  rated 4/5
Recommend It? -  rated 4/5
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