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Brand: Peter Heinrichs
Blender: Peter Heinrichs
Tin Description: Classic golden brown Piedmont and Old Belt Virginias. Natural tobacco only, this slow burning, mild yet flavorful cut plug is a favorite with traditional flake lovers.
Country of Origin: DE
Curing Group: Air Cured
Contents: Virginia
Cut: Broken Flake
Packaging: 200g Tin

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# 6/5/2013 User rated 5/5
Review by coalsmoke

Golden Sliced

Made in by Peter Heinrich in Cologne, Germany, Golden sliced is an outstanding straight, air-cured Virginia with no flavoring or other tobaccos added.One of only a half dozen tobaccos imported into this country, many more for sale in Europe on his website. Available in 100g and 200g tins.

Tin Presentation: Long coiled flake, medium brown in color, placed neatly in a 'paint can' tin. Not overly moist and ready to smoke.
Tin Note: Fresh and earthy with an aroma of fermented figs and a faint hint of chocolate that is only in the tin aroma.
Packing and Lighting: No issues with lighting, a single match will do. This tobacco can be easily loaded with any flake technique as well as rubbed out.
Strength: Mild with very little or no nicotine detectable.
Body: Smooth and light.
Flavor: An interesting combination of both light and deep, Golden Sliced is at its best when smoked very slowly so as to maintain the flavor profile. The second half of the bowl will give a deepened flavor. Even when pushed, Golden Sliced will not bite, but will become harsher when smoked hot. Burns to a white ash with perhaps a single relight.
Final Impression: This is as basic as a straight Virginia can get and yet it is so flavorful that needs nothing else to be added and is not overly cased. Golden Sliced is a quality tobacco in every sense of the word and crafted in such a way as to have a flavor like no other straight Virginia that I've ever smoke. I highly recommend this tobacco to newcomers to flake smoking as well as for anyone who likes straight VA flakes in general.

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