Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco

Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco Reviews

Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco Reviews

Who likes Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco? I mean they sell a ton of it, so somebody must like it? The first review done of Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco by “rattdogg” certainly pulls no punches – he hates it!

Do you agree that Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco is awful, or do you just like it, or do you think it is actually really darn good?

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3 Responses to Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco

  1. Bubba says:

    I personally don’t like it. I am already not a big fan of Cherry blends, because they have a very chemical taste to them, but Paladin’s Black Cherry adds another weirder even more chemical tasting topping to their tobacco that I just can’t palate. This is coming from someone who really enjoys Aromatic tobaccos.

  2. Johann says:

    First tobacco I ever smoked, only about two months ago. I don’t have the developed palate that long time smokers like, but I do enjoy smoking it from time to time.

  3. Bob Grosz says:

    Seems to me that sometime ago someone suggested mixing Paladin Black Cherry with a like amount of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed. I did that and as I recall it wasn’t too bad a smoke. The burley and casing of the Edgeworth cut right into the aromatic of the Paladin.

    Even though I’ve smoked many different blends I’ve always liked Edgeworth in whatever form it came in. The Edgeworth slices were absolutely delicious and feel fortunate to still have three tins of the slices and a full can or RR, but I digress, sorry.