A Great Work, Indeed!

It’s a risky business giving your creation a title such as Masterpiece or Perfection. There are a number of reasons: people will be even more critical of your creation, to be sure, and if the piece is, in fact, not perfect, you set yourself up for ridicule. It’s like naming one’s daughter Angel, only to have her grow up to be a demon.

Surely Russ Ouellette of Hearth & Home knew this when he created and named his blend “Magnum Opus”, which means Great Work and is meant to represent a particular artist’s greatest achievement. Wisely, Mr. Ouellette saved such a title for a true masterpiece.

This Balkan blend is deep and intense, complex and rewarding. For a full and meticulously written description, check out “Baron Samedi”‘s review of Hearth & Home’s “Magnum Opus”.

Truly, this is a blend deserving of its title. Bravo!

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