Wrestling the Bear

I have spoken a lot about names of blends in the few blog posts I have done. Maybe this comes from the English major with a creative writing focus; maybe it comes from my love of music; maybe it is because I have a habit of over-thinking things. No matter what the reason is, I am returning to that topic once more!

Titles can be very helpful, as I have said, and can often let you know what you will find inside the tin. Aromatics are the perfect example of this: a blend called Cherry and Chocolate probably won’t taste like coffee and rum. With this in mind, I pose a question to you: What do you expect from a blend dubbed “Bow-Legged Bear”?

Cornell & Diehl's

Well, by flipping the tin around, we learn that this creation from Cornell & Diehl is a full-English blend, complete with a little Perique, and serve up as a crumble cake. According to “marmal4de”, you can also expect a complex, knock-you-on-your-butt, fantastic smoke. Check out his full review of Cornell & Diehl’s “Bow-Legged Bear” and get ready to rumble!

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