When the Night Has Come

Whether you’ve been smoking a pipe for decades or you’re relatively new to the hobby, nostalgia is major factor of the appeal of pipes.

From the moment I saw the image on the tin of Cornell & Diehl’s “After Hours”, I was swept up by thoughts of the era of the speak-easy, with guards, passwords, and smoke-filled basements, back rooms, and cellars.

Without intending to get on a rant, smoke-shops and cigar-lounges are now approaching the level of speak-easies, having to be more and more wary of their activities offending the hyper-critical populace and ever aware of the jaws of fear snapping shut on their civil liberties.

Thankfully, there are many places that still welcome the humble pipe smoker and a great deal of fantastic blends that allow us to fully appreciate the beauty and joy of pipes.

One of these blends is Cornell & Diehl’s “After Hours”, a loose Virginia flake lightly flavored with Dark Rum. I highly recommend checking out this review of Cornell & Diehl’s “After Hours” by “rbull77″ and snatching up this blend!

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