Last night, I heard a radio interview with the author of a new book entirely devoted to Leonardo da Vinci. It really isn’t surprising that a figure such a da Vinci continues to infatuate us: he was the exemplar of what it means to be a Renaissance Man. He was an artist, a biologist, an engineer, a thinker, and always trying to better himself and his understanding of the world.

Cornell & Diehl's

Perhaps it was the dedication to such a great man that made me initially hesitant to try any blend bearing his name. After reading Adam J. Smith’s recent review of “da Vinci”, by Cornell & Diehl, however, I am going to be ordering myself a tin or five of this stout English blend.

Check out his review of this blend that he describes as “simple, yet complex; varied and never monochromatic” and you might just be adding this to your daily rotation, too!

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