A Great Spring Flake

Spring time is finally stirring in its cave after a long hibernation. So, for me, that means putting away my Englishes. Sorry, Old Dog; ta-ta, Westminster; see you soon, Penzance.

But, there’s an upside! I get to dust of my Virginia blends. One of the blends that I am looking forward to trying this Spring is Rattray’s Marlin Flake.

This is blend that is smooth, but makes its presence known. Categorized as a “VaPer”, it is very similar to its cousin, Old Gowrie, albeit stronger and darker. The Perique and Cavendish blend seamlessly alongside the red Virginia in this woodsy, slightly sweet blend.

Be sure to check out “cortezattic”‘s review of Rattray’s Marlin Flake and pick yourself up a tin. After all — to turn a Stark phrase on its head — Spring is coming!

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