McClelland Syrian Super Balkan

McClelland Syrian Super Balkan Tobacco Review

McClelland Syrian Super Balkan Pipe Tobacco

When we first launched, one of the things we were hoping to achieve would be to have well-done, informative reviews. That is why we wrote some rules & guidelines, and had G. L. Pease write an article, “Reviews Without Tears“, which is sort of a “how-to” for doing a tobacco review.

The review done by “kyrob” of McClelland Syrian Super Balkan is succinct, so you can read it in 1 minute, but he included everything you need to know, such as; how old the tin is, what he smoked it in, the moisture level out of the tin, and several other things. I give this review an “A”.

Check it out: McClelland Syrian Super Balkan Tobacco Review

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Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco

Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco Reviews

Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco Reviews

Who likes Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco? I mean they sell a ton of it, so somebody must like it? The first review done of Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco by “rattdogg” certainly pulls no punches – he hates it!

Do you agree that Paladin Black Cherry Tobacco is awful, or do you just like it, or do you think it is actually really darn good?

Make your own review Paladin Black Cherry here.

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New Hearth & Home Blends Added

Hearth & Home Magnum Opus Tobacco Reviews

Hearth & Home Magnum Opus

Our Flagship site, was the first to break the news about 4 new Hearth & Home blends hitting the market back on February 11.

We have now added them to, and want to know what you think.

We’ve been hearing a lot of good news in the pipe forums about the new Hearth & Home blends, so please give us your reviews. You can find each one of them at the following links:

Hearth & Home Magnum Opus

Hearth & Home Sweet & Savory

Hearth & Home Lakeland Brickle

Hearth & Home Steamroller

Tell us what you think of these tobaccos with your own tobacco reviews!

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Prince Albert Needed Right Now

Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco Review

Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco

Prince Albert is obviously one of the most popular old-time blends, and I need some right now. PA, as it is frequently referred to, sometimes gets disrespected as an inexpensive “drug store” tobacco, or a 1-dimensional pipe tobacco without a lot of different subtle nuances that many other blends have.

I have a half a bag of PA left, but it is 60 miles away at my dad’s house and I need some right now. Here’s why. This week, two factors combined that have now created a strong need for me to have some Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco. 1) I have had an extremely busy week. 2) the weather here in St. Petersburg, Florida has been 100% pure perfection. It is warm and sunny, not too hot, and no humidity. This isn’t going to last long. Soon, the weather will get very hot and humid.

I like to smoke pipes at my desk while I am working. I open the double doors to the deck and let the place air out and I smoke a lot since I like to and I can leave the doors open all day. I have been working like a maniac, and smoking many of my favorite pipes and favorite tobacco blends all week, about 4 pipes during the day. Since I am so busy and running as fast as I can with my work, I am puffing like a locomotive on four pipes a day for the last couple of days, and  all have been a bitter, hot, tongue-burning disappointment. It’s all my fault for obvious reasons.

I should have been smoking Prince Albert. You can puff it like mad and it won’t burn your tongue, the flavor won’t go sour, and you aren’t wasting a boutique tobacco where you miss all the subtle different tastes.

Here is my original review on Prince Albert on, but there is a really great review of Prince Albert on by Cortezattic, that is a great read and very interesting with the history he posted about it.

Maybe I should open the box / bag of Carter Hall for the rest of the busy week?

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Sillem’s Black is Back!

Sillem's Black Tobacco Review

Sillem's Black Tobacco Review

We’ve heard that Sillem’s Black has been a little hard to find lately, but it is back, and it is well-worth getting some. Sillem’s Black is actually a pretty unique tobacco. I mean we all have our favorite “go-to” blends, and I certainly do myself. However, every once in a while you want something a little different and a little unique.

There is Latakia in Sillem’s Black, but it also has Black Cavendish, which to me is a neat combination … but wait, there’s more. There’s some Virginia and Burley in there too. So how do you classify it? Is it an English blend? Is it a Cavendish Tobacco, Virginia blend, or Burley?

Here’s how one reviewer characterized it in this great new review of Sillem’s Black Tobacco here.

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Sterling Tobaccos Added to

Sterling Pipe Tobacco Reviews

Sterling Pipe Tobacco Reviews

We have been hearing a lot about Sterling Tobaccos lately, so all of the Sterling Tobaccos are now added to

So many people have posted in forums that they enjoy many of these blends, so please come give us your reviews of Sterling Tobaccos.

You can find them at these links:

Sterling Tobacco Bargain Blend (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Black Jack (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Cavalier (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Chairman of the Board (Latakia / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Double Eagle (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Hunnicut (Oriental / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Midnight (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Millionaire Blend (Latakia / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco My Buddy (Latakia / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Pride of Sterling (Oriental / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Richmond Blender’s Choice (Latakia / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Royal London Dock (Latakia / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Sterling’s Five Star (Oriental / English Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Sweet Briar (Aromatic Tobacco)

Sterling Tobacco Tahiti Blend (Aromatic Tobacco)

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Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Tobacco Reviews

Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Tobacco Reviews

Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Tobacco Reviews

Here is why you should try a tobacco more than once, and under different conditions. There are so many variables that can affect a smoking experience … and that is what it is … an overall experience. The first time I tried Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning, I hated it. It was the worst tobacco I ever smoked. It tasted to me like I picked up some dried leaves off the ground and stuck them in my pipe. It burned hot and tasted like burnt leaves. I don’t know if the time of day and what I ate prior affected my experience. It is named Bayou Morning, but I smoked it at night after a hearty Mexican dinner and a couple of Margaritas. Maybe it should only be smoked in the morning? I quit when I was half way through the bowl as I couldn’t take it anymore.

It is also unseasonably hot and humid – Florida August weather. Several months went by, and I forgot about this bad experience.

I smoked C&D Bayou Morning again 6 months later, and I totally love it!

I don’t know how my experience did a complete 180, but it did.

I actually forgot about my first time smoking it and how much I disliked it, or I probably wouldn’t have even loaded up a pipe with it again.

I have so much tobacco around here that I frequently just pick up something at random and load a pipe. I’m glad I did that with Bayou Morning recently. I have smoked it several times now and really like it a lot.

Here’s another of many examples on why you should try something more than once.

Read Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Tobacco Reviews Here (And make your own review too!)

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Esoterica Penzance Tobacco Review

Esoterica Penzance Tobacco Review

Esoterica Penzance Tobacco Review

It seems that Esoterica Penzance is a tobacco that is hard to come by these days. You frequently read about it in forums with many people extolling its virtues and the other half lamenting that they can’t get it. And then suddenly, a retailer gets some in and by the time you read about it, it is sold out once again.

I wonder why this is. Is it because it is really that good? Is it part of the hording mentality?

Well, here are two reviewers that say Esoterica Penzance really is that good.

Here are a couple of good reviews on Esoterica Penzance.

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McClelland Rose Of Latakia Tobacco Review

McClelland Rose of Latakia Pipe Tobacco

McClelland Rose of Latakia Pipe Tobacco

Here’s a nice review of McClelland’s Rose of Latakia.

Some things I like about this review are that the reviewer, first of all, tells us how old the tin is. It is a tin that has been aged for several years. That is important to know, since a new tin will most likely produce a different result.

He also tells us what the tobacco in the tin looks like, what it smells like, and what it tastes like unlit.

“kyrob” did an excellent job of reviewing Rose of Latakia, and it is not a long read at all. It takes 30 – 60 seconds to read, but it tells you everything you need to know.

Check it out here: McClelland Rose Of Latakia Tobacco Review

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New Tobaccos Added to LTR

We added some new tobaccos to today.

The new tobaccos include; Solani Silver Flake Blend 660, Cornell & Diehl #837 Or Olam:(Light Of The Universe), Cornell & Diehl #839: Boker Or (Morning Light), Cornell & Diehl #840: Or L’yom (Daylight), Cornell & Diehl #841: Sha’are Orah (Gates Of Light),

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